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My name is Helen and I am a Photographer living in England. I started this Blog on the day that my Grandma died, three months after my Father died and several weeks before a third funeral. Initially it was a very personal way to stay connected to the people I'd lost and it helped, it really did. But writing and taking pictures everyday has opened back up a creative side that I had lost during the everyday. A big thank you to my followers, to those who take the time to comment and to new visitors, I hope we will become Blog friends too...

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Me Reflected Photography Share

This is a photograph of me and my friend on one of our photography shoots, in Stratford-Upon-Avon. She was showing me the shots that she had captured and i suddenly noticed our reflections on the ground, so I snapped the image as our shoots are so valuable to me that I wanted a record of them.
I am myself on those days, with those friends. I am my authentic self, taking photographs. And that got me thinking about the photographs I take. They say you can see an artists authentic self in their paintings and that paintings without that are lifeless, meaningless.Is the same true of photography? Is the picture that we choose to take more than just a collection of things that catch our eye,is it really a window into our soul?
My 'Me Relected Photography Share' is inspired by my love of photography, the way in which it has connected me back to the 'Me' I really am and my curiosity of how it has shaped other peoples lives and journies.
It is a share for people who find themselves reflected in their photographs, be it their own image, their taste or their favourite things, in fact anything that reflects the you that is, inside or out.

This page is all about sharing, in a safe environment, the love of photography and how it relates to you, the joy of enjoying your photography and perhaps healing negatives or nurturing positives in your life. So, if you want to, please leave your thoughts along with your photographs and how each picture relates to you
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  1. They do say every photo is a self-portrait.....I hate to take pictures of myself, but there are some shots I take that feel very 'me'. At the moment I'm working on a course assignment where I have to choose a photographer who made a significant contribution in his field, and then create a set of images in their style. I've chosen Ernst Haas and last weekend I went to an exhibition in London of some rediscovered photos of his. My friend looked at them, turned to me, and said 'these are so 'you' (I'm assuming she meant a much more talented me!). It puzzles me what makes something identifiable as being someone's style. I think it's easier in other art forms such as painting - Van Gogh, for example, is readily identified by his brushstrokes and colour choices. With photography, which has no surface characteristics, I think it's much harder and yet it's still possible. It's something that's fascinatd me for quite a while, but for which I have no real answers.

    I'll add a link above to a photo that I feel expresses who I am.

  2. I had a look through Ernst Hass work and really liked it, you can see his style in his work. I would think it would be difficult to point at a photograph in quite the same way you can with a painting and say 'oh yes thats so and so's work' but its definatly intrguing.
    beautiful photograph :o)