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My name is Helen and I am a Photographer living in England. I started this Blog on the day that my Grandma died, three months after my Father died and several weeks before a third funeral. Initially it was a very personal way to stay connected to the people I'd lost and it helped, it really did. But writing and taking pictures everyday has opened back up a creative side that I had lost during the everyday. A big thank you to my followers, to those who take the time to comment and to new visitors, I hope we will become Blog friends too...

Friday, 20 May 2011

a cheaky Lion

A cheery picture today, a group of sunflowers, naturally sitting in a group that looks to me like a lion. Funny picture, to cheer me up miserable cow!

Tired today, very tired. Yesterday I was an emotional mess, had to go and have an ultrasound on a lump. Thankfully its a friendly little lump that's come along for the ride at no extra cost.
Now I can love it instead of being cross with it, a happy ending. But there were no fanfares, no champagne, no cuddles and I was livid. I hadn't made a fuss about it, I guess somewhere deep down I knew it was ok, especially as it is in my arm so not really a scary area.
I'd even forgotten about the appointment at some points but suddenly it really mattered that my nearest and dearest hardly batted an eyelid.

I'm not prone to being a drama queen, don't particularly think I'm emotionally high maintenance and actually felt more than a little guilty at expecting fireworks when my relatives had become sick and died from their illness, so whats with that?

I'll need to give it considerably more thought, as every single inch of me feels drained today!

photograph taken near Sutton Cheeney, Leicestershire. Sony 550

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