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My name is Helen and I am a Photographer living in England. I started this Blog on the day that my Grandma died, three months after my Father died and several weeks before a third funeral. Initially it was a very personal way to stay connected to the people I'd lost and it helped, it really did. But writing and taking pictures everyday has opened back up a creative side that I had lost during the everyday. A big thank you to my followers, to those who take the time to comment and to new visitors, I hope we will become Blog friends too...

Saturday, 21 May 2011

have hat will travel

lying awake at a ridiculously early time this morning I notice my summer hat sitting there just waiting. Theres so much hope and excitement in a summer hat, hats somehow spell adventures, possibilities of being someone else, somewhere else for a while. You could have a whole new different adventure depending on that hat you chose. I always admire a person in a hat.You can put on jewelry and it dances along with the outfit as a whole but a hat yells 'hey look at me!'
Both my Grandmas were hat wearers with lovely hat pins and once i get past the 'wont they be a bit dirty as they never get washed' part of hats, I love them too.

Don't get me wrong, I don't often wear one mainly because I'm never organised enough with my wardrobe and they do irritate me a bit after I've had one on a while but I have a small collection and intend to make it larger. Hats would be a fabulous thing to photograph, people in hats wouldn't that be a thrill, to wander around the city one day and see how many different hats you could spot.

Hats worn in the summer are splendid because its an actual choice to wear one, there isn't really a need unless your trying to keep the sun off but it never really gets that hot in this country, they're just worn for the absolute thrill of wearing a hat. A statement. This is me, this is my hat. It says something about the you your wanting to be.

Hopefully I will have a flicker pool in the future and if your reading this, put on a photo of your hat!


  1. Hi Helen, thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I've just looked through your blog and feeling for you, it gave me goosebumps reading it (last year two of my family died close together, my mum from a car crash last July and in the October my Grandad, her dad). My nan died 4 years ago and I've come to realise that time softens the rawness of pain but the pain doesn't go away, it becomes part of you, an important part I think, so trying to accept the churning I have now. Argh, I'm waffling on now! Big hugs to you and thank you for sharing, x

  2. your sooo right it does become an important part of you,lets hope we can turn the churning into something positive, your poetry certainly conveys just how it feels.i love it.
    thank you for taking the time to read, comment and follow! you are my first follower, means a lot :o) :o)